Keep your pet hydrated with our pet water bottle. Bottles are available in pink, red and yellow colours. We have size of 500ml bottle. Used to keep pets safe from the harmful dehydration.

Your dogs need water whether they are out and about, whether they are exercising or just taking a leisurely stroll. Hydration is an important aspect of life. Make sure you always have a travel bottle of Dinky Dog’s on hand. You can relax knowing you’ve only given your dog the best by removing the nasties from the water with the washable Melamine Drink Tray and Metal Shackle.

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Make sure you both are taking good care of yourself in order to maintain the hours of fun exploration and adventure you and your fury pet have together by carrying your dinky dog’s pet water bottle . It is also very good to carry as it weighs about 0.5kg.

We are delighted to hear stories how these helmets went beyond their goofy nature to provide some goods to the world: securing your pet’s confidence on the dog parks or protecting blind pets from bumping into objects around the house. Got any stories? Please share your pet’s pictures and stories with our fan club by visiting our Facebook page here.