Keep your pet safe with our pet helmet. Helmets are available in black, pink and orange colours. We have different sizes to fit dogs and cats. Dog helmets provide protection against bad weather like wind and rain. Used to keep pets safe from the harmful UV radiations.
Dinky dog biker helmet is made with fine quality plastic used for construction hard hat, offering your pet’s maximum safety. It is padded inside with sponge for extra comfort, and the lightweight shells are perfect for dogs and cats who love to spend long hours outdoor.
We are delighted to hear stories how these helmets went beyond their goofy nature to provide some goods to the world: securing your pet’s confidence on the dog parks or protecting blind pets from bumping into objects around the house. Got any stories? Please share your pet’s pictures and stories with our fan club by visiting our Facebook page here.
This good quality helmet keeps your dog’s head safe from projectiles, such as small rocks. In the event of an accident, dog helmets cushion your pooch’s head against the impact. Helmets can also protect your pooch from banging their head in general.

Dog helmets are also ideal for pets that need to have protection from minor head traumas, are visually impaired, or have any disability that causes them from bumping into things. Blind dogs in particular become frustrated when they bump into things. Dog helmets help these pets regain the confidence they need as they explore their world without injury. If you have a dog that suffers from seizures that often falls down as a result of an illness, injury, or disability, protecting their head will play a pivotal part of their healing.

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