Pet goggles are closed-fit to your pet’s face (just like a pair of glasses you’d wear to see underwater). Goggles provide a great way to protect your pet’s eyes from dust, debris and other elements. If you and your dog love playing on the beach, goggles will protect their eyes from sand.  Goggles will ensure pet’s eyes are safe from wind-blown debris along the freeway. You’ll want to ensure you have a pair for traveling after you’ve trained your dog to wear their sunglasses comfortably.

Dog goggles are necessary any time you’re about to engage in an activity that may introduce irritants, extreme sunlight or debris. A good rule to follow is to consider using them any time you’d put sunglasses or goggles on yourself. Take pet goggles for car rides to protect pup’s peepers when they pop their head out the window. Stash a pair on your boat to protect their eyes from salt. You may even want to leave a pair poolside ensuring your dog’s eyes are safe from chemicals if they swim. If your dog suffers from an eye condition, keep a pair handy any time you and your dog are going outdoors.

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