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dog helmet pink

Pet helmet

Keep your pet safe with our pet helmet. Helmets are available in black, pink and orange colours. We have different sizes to fit dogs and cats. Dog helmets provide protection […]

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dog goggles

Pet goggles

Pet goggles are closed-fit to your pet’s face (just like a pair of glasses you’d wear to see underwater). Goggles provide a great way to protect your pet’s eyes from […]

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Pet tracker

Pet tracking devices are location detecting gadgets worn by house dogs/cats. These gadgets allow pet owners ascertain the precise location of their pets at any given point in time. Powered […]

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Dinky Dog booster seat

You can take your pet with you when you ride with this bike seat for pets. Don’t leave your best mate at home. Dinky dog products supply high-quality bike seat […]

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Friendship day

Wishing all our supporters a very happy friendship day! Through the ages, people have claimed dogs as one of their closest, and best, companions. Of all the domesticated animals, dogs […]

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Dinky dog seat

To buy DInky dog bicycle pet seat E-bay click here -> Dinky dog is a bicycle pet carrier, that is designed for dogs (or cats) up to 13.0kg (27 […]

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